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You’re Un-american

Posted in Ranting and Raving on October 9, 2010 by livemorbidia

Many have told me that I’m un-american. To this I have only one thing to say, “I know you are but what am I?” You see those people have it in their little minds that if you question the government and you don’t believe that Jesus Christ is lord of everything  then you are not American. It’s people like this that make me wish it was legal to kill morons. They don’t smell the shit they are shoveling because of the clothes-pin of ignorance. Let me tell you here and now that ignorance may be bliss but knowledge is heaven.
Now, allow me to explain things to you so that you might have a firm grasp on my mind-set. My two favorite subjects in high school  where English and History. English has allowed my to eloquently state what should be obvious to everyone considering they took the same fucking classes I did. History shows me all the things we have done wrong and all the things that will go wrong because as most people should know History repeats itself if you don’t learn from it.
Around 1606 the Church of England was the same as the Government of England. That means the King James I was the head of both his country and the church. In other words if you didn’t belong to the church you weren’t obeying your king and that was treason, an offense punishable by death. A group of people called the Separatists wanted to break away and form their own church and so they left England and found religious freedom in Holland. However they where poor and their children couldn’t speak English, they spoke Dutch. With that they made a pilgrimage to North America.  They settled in the northern part of the Virginia territory near the mouth of the Hudson and found financial backers.
Do these people sound like they where here to prosecute others and bend them to their will? You are God damned right they don’t. They where here to escape that shit so why is it that so many people in this country feel the need to make it another England? Trust me once the church weasels it’s way into the American government completely, that is what it will be. People will be prosecuted for not believing in god. It happened before and it will happen again if it isn’t stopped. So I urge you as a fellow human being to stop your fucking bigotry and hug someone who doesn’t follow your beliefs. Set aside those petty differences before we all pay the price.


Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness

Posted in Ranting and Raving with tags , , , , on August 12, 2010 by livemorbidia

These are among the unalienable rights of all people. Yet many of our fellow humans want to deny us these rights. They say all they want is morality, security, and religious leadership. These people have their heads in their asses. All they want is for everyone else to be as miserable and hopeless as they are. These people have no idea what this country stands for.
Morality is relative, security negates freedom, and religion isn’t for everyone. I know I’ll get flamed for this but I don’t care. Christianity ruined America as much as Henry Anslinger, Richard Nixon, and fossil fuel. All I’m saying is that this is supposed to be the land of the free but all I see around me today is complete and utter failure from past generations to keep it so. Greed has burned a hole in the heart of Lady Liberty. We no longer bleed red, white, and blue but instead money green.
There are so many things that are wrong with our current situation. Our jobs are outsourced to foreign countries. Our biggest export is scrap metal. We waste so much and want so much more. We live in an age of laziness and technologically driven stupidity. Don’t get me wrong, I love the internet. But I use it to gather information, what the fuck do you use it for? It’s either porn or chatting in that phony internet language to strangers who’s parents obviously never taught them manners. That’s another thing that bugs the fuck out of me; parents who don’t give a rats ass what their children are doing. Take responsibility and raise your fucking kids, after all they are the future. I dread the day when my generation comes to power. I have had the privilege to meet some very intelligent people in my life and befriended a few. However the mass majority of people under the age of 20 are fucking morons.
I should probably cut this short otherwise you might loose interest, so here is the last bit. Our country is in trouble and it’s up to regular citizens to fight back. I’m not telling you to riot or blow shit up. No, that only makes matters worse. I’m saying you should speak out and express your opinions outside of the internet. With that said, you need to actually form a valid opinion based on experience and facts. Not some bullshit you heard from someone else. Remember, you do have a voice, it’s just drowned out by the assholes who yell louder than you.