Suffer me to Feel

stricken by a sickness of solitude
Dividing me from malicious multitudes
The pain of it pulls me inĀ  like perfume
Tangible as a translucent and tragic plume
Poisoning my senses, soliciting me to touch
But these images often are too much
Swirling me in a vertigo of vulgar depictions
Varying degrees of desolate dereliction

As my mind’s eye makes these travesties clear
I can feel my doom grow all too near
So I smash the walls of my worries and awaken
To be sure that never again will I be the one forsaken
And now, knowing what it means to truly feel
I search the masses for something real
Hoping with all my heart to find
That one thing that is truly mine


One Response to “Suffer me to Feel”

  1. Finding someone to trust with your soul is possible… it’s the most wonderful thing you can do, it leaves you vulnerable, open to much pain but also so intensely loved, fulfilled and safe. Naturally too I hold his heart and trust fast for him just as he holds mine. Hold it with the greatest and most gentle care and the one you sought and found will be truly yours.

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